Statements & Ratings

Enos and Jill Grauerholz

We have gone to Palace Resorts in Cancun for three years in a row. We don’t want to go anywhere else. Excellent place to relax! The food is amazing with tons of variety. The staff is excellent and fun to get to know. The rooms are beautiful and spotless. Downtown is just minutes away so you can see it all.

Dan Tinlin

I have been to the palace resort in Cancun several times, and have really enjoyed the hospitality and entertainment and the accommodations are as good as it gets. I will return as often as possible as I love being spoiled. It is as nice a place as I have been in my travels.

Tony and Jeri Shultheiss

We have been guests at Moon Palace, Aventura Palace and Cancun Hard Rock. Each of these have been wonderful weeks of great service, beautiful and clean surroundings and relaxation. The staff couldn’t be more efficient and accommodating. We absolutely LOVE the Palace Resorts and hope to keep revisiting!

Ed and Deb Arends

Our stay at the Cancun Hard Rock Resort on our recent trip was very enjoyable and relaxing. The entire staff instantly makes you feel very welcome and they are always friendly and willing to help with anything you might need. There are many restaurants to choose from. And if you get tired of the beach there are pools. They offer a large variety of tours and activities. We also enjoyed being able to jump on the bus to downtown Cancun for sightseeing and shopping. We had a wonderful time!

Kevin and Sara Ross

The Palace Resorts are beautiful places to get away with family and friends and to spend time in the sun and sand.

Ken and Lori Rahjes

We had a wonderful and relaxing time at Cancun Hard Rock Resort. The staff took care of any need we had, and the food and activities were great-–there were so many choices!

Kyle and Morgan Yardley

Cancun is the best place we have ever vacationed. We relax in the hot sun all day and then go out at night and enjoy the city. The employees are the best there and they take extra good care of you while you sit back and relax. This is our favorite vacation spot and we will go back year after year!

Chris and Angenate Hauserman

Palace resorts are amazing, the entire hotel sparkles it is so clean, also I have never met any of the staff that did not go out of their way to make sure your stay was the best it could possibly be. Also with the black wrist bands everything is all inclusive and the complimentary spa services are very good as well.

Megan Baldonado

Relaxing, Exciting, Fun, Tranquil….it’s Cancun!!!

Gale and Sara Dinkelman

This vacation was awesome—great people, great food SO much fun. The Cancun Hard Rock is a great facility and the ocean was beautiful. BEST TRIP EVER!

Bill and LeahAnn Brell

Bill and I had an amazing time on our Cancun VIP vacation! We stayed at Adventura Spa and it was fabulous! I would recommend Cancun VIP Reservations if you’re looking for an experience to remember. They took care of all of the details and all we had to do was book our flights. A driver was waiting to take us to our resort and the staff took care of us from there. We received great service everywhere we went. We did get the $1500 credit to our room and utilized it. However, there was so much already included because of our VIP status that we wouldn’t have needed it to have had a great vacation. When they say it’s all inclusive, they’re not exaggerating!

Areal Stoulil

Cancun Hard Rock was impeccable! The rooms, service, food, EVERYTHING was beyond my expectations. Thank you, Cancun VIP for making the booking process and stay better than I imagined. Cancun Hard Rock was definitely the most beautiful resort I have stayed at. The infinity pool was gorgeous. The variety of food was amazing. I didn’t eat the same thing twice. Cancun VIP treated us so well! The booking process was a breeze. The service we received at Cancun Hard Rock simply because we booked through Cancun VIP was magnificent.

Doug and Judy Goracke

If you’ve ever wanted to be treated like a King and Queen, this is the place you need to go!!!

Kira Matthias

The service at Cancun Hard Rock was unmatched. The employees were very passionate about what they were doing which was very admirable. Cancun Hard Rock was a fantastic resort. I had such a great time while staying there.

Laura Bohnenkamp

The Cancun Hard Rock was not only beautiful, but the service was unbelievable. We felt at home from the very beginning, and had an unforgettable trip. LOVED it!

Brittney Frericks

I just want to say Cancun Hard Rock treated us like royalty and I couldn’t have asked for a better location, service, overall vacation! Thank you!!

Laura Boysen

I had such a great time at Cancun Hard Rock in May 2011! The food and service was great and, of course, the ocean view and entertainment! There were always fun nighttime activities, and the daytime activities were easy to set up with the help of Cancun Hard Rock staff. Cancun Hard Rock went above and beyond to make our stay amazing and service our needs in any way they could, and I can’t wait to visit there again. It was truly the definition of a vacation – relaxed, fun-filled, a worry-free atmosphere, and waited on hand and foot!

Jennifer Wiley

Cancun VIP hooked us up! This was by far the best vacation ever! The staff at Cancun Hard Rock treated us like royalty. They were always there for us. The restaurants and bars were top notch. We never had to wait to be seated. I also enjoyed the free credit. We had a blast snorkeling and enjoyed a wonderful massage after. When they say all-inclusive, they mean it! I will definitely be back soon!

Steve and Jeanie Johnson

We have stayed at the Cancun Hard Rock the last 3 years and always have had so much fun. The all-inclusive offering is exactly what we wanted. The Palace offers a great beach, great food and wonderful accommodations. Most of all we enjoyed the best service we could ask for. This truly made the difference compared to other places we have stayed. The Cancun Hard Rock has been perfect for us and we will return in the near future. We highly recommend Cancun Hard Rock!!